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Get, Take Care, Fight and Breed your Krypto creature.

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Egg Hatching Is LIVE!

Hatching is now live! Hatch your Kryptomon eggs! Still don't have an egg? Get your egg now on one of our NFT marketplace partners: Mochi, Lootex, NFTrade or Babylons!

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Welcome to Kryptomon,
fellow trainer to-be!

If you're a first timer, good job on finding your way to this page. 🙂 Are you ready to join us in discovering the new Kryptomon world?

And hey, we get it, joining a new community for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, with lots to see and plenty to learn. That's why we've created this special page just for you!

Enter the

Before you can go ahead and become the best trainer there ever was, you're going to have to first get yourself an egg!

GEN: 8
No. 5006
GEN: 5
No. 2637
GEN: 8
No. 3528
GEN: 4
No. 5600
GEN: 4
No. 5162

The $KMON coin

Once you're the proud owner of your very own egg, you'll now be responsible for your new partner! When a new Kryptomon hatches, it'll need taking care of.

In addition to feeding it and giving it attention periodically, you'll need to train it to strengthen its battle stats. Various actions like training, battling, breeding in the Kryptomon world will require the use of KMON so make sure you have some!


Kryptomon investors trade hundreds of thousands of dollars a day!

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The Kryptomon
journey so far

Phase 0 was recently launched, creating the first Kryptomon trainers in the world. It's also clear that new trainers everywhere are eager to jump in, with secondary sales over at going strong at over 310 BNB worth of sales transacted so far.

That doesn't mean we're content to rest on our laurels though! Oh no, we're just getting started. The devs have been hard at work getting the first Phase 1 functionality ready for the test net, so check back soon!


Phase 0

Get your egg and discover it’s capabilities. Trade with other trainers and begin assembling the strongest team ever!

Community Sale & IDO

The release of our KMON coin for select members of the community and IDO participants begins on the 22nd of August 2021.

KMON Public Listing

The KMON coin will be publicly available to everyone on PancakeSwap!

Phase 1

Are the eggs… moving? All Kryptomon eggs will hatch, unlocking the training and breeding functionalities. Your journey as a Kryptomon trainer begins!

Phase 2

The Elite 4? Gym battles? The battle mechanics are unlocked and trainers can duel it out to determine who the strongest trainer is!

How you can

Our co-creation promise to you means that we take your feedback very seriously. We don't have all the answers and we don't know how everything will work, which is why we want YOUR help!

We have an amazing community who have been instrumental in helping us define our future roadmap. Whether it's a suggestion on game mechanics, testing future functionalities on the testnet, fan made art or custom world building and lore, come join our Discord and let's build the world of Kryptomon together.


Calling all
content creators

Are you an influencer? A writer? From Youtubers to podcast host, YOU have the power to spread the word and get more trainers to join us in the exciting world of Kryptomon!
To make your life a little easier, we've prepared a Press Kit that should have everything you need to get started. Logos, links to beginner information, art of the cutest Kryptomons you've EVER seen, this press kit has it all. And if there's something you need that you can't find in here, get in touch with the contact listed in the press kit and let us know.

The Team

The brains behind the whole operation, the full stack blockchain developer, the Dungeons and Dragons geek with a flair for world building and lore...

We're all of that and more. But at the end of the day, we're a group of passionate, like minded individuals who came together to make the Kryptomon dream a reality. Come check us out, say hi and if you think you have something to contribute, maybe even join us! (We promise we don't bite... except maybe Umberto)